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Here are a few of the topics available to you as a Member of the Heir Hunters Association (HHA) on the extensive knowledge home area. To access you need to Login

  • About Heir Hunting
  • About Intestacy
  • Who inherits when someone dies intestate?
  • Finding estates of the intestate deceased
  • Assessing the best estates to research
  • The competition and where you can score
  • Ways and methods of tracing beneficiaries
  • Finding records of Births, Deaths and Marriages
  • Illegitimate births and DNA
  • Living together couples
  • Multiple Marriages
  • The Power of Neighbours
  • The Power of Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Understanding Ancestry
  • Understanding Descendency
  • Researching Abroad in other countries
  • Face to Face contact
  • Tools of your profession
  • Subscribing to research
  • Organising yourself and your business
  • Capital and Cash flow
  • Contracting a case
  • Submitting a Claim and timeline
  • Disclaiming an inheritance
  • Loosing a case
  • Sharing a case - Major of Minor
  • Your Earning Power
  • Locating all the beneficiaries
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance
  • Further reading and associations to join
  • Family Tracing Software products
  • Heir Hunters Association Bookstore
  • The UK Statute Law database
  • International Knowledge
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • USA - access to every USA state departments who handle the distribution of unclaimed estate and monies, plus investigators handbook to help locate and submit claims.
    • Canada
    • Europe
    • Ireland
  • Links to top 50 genealogical sites
  • Glossary of Terms used in wills and probate
  • Free Ongoing advice and support
  • Regular Monthly Newsletter with news and information vital to your Heir Hunting business Members Forum - exchange news, tips, advice and more with other Members
  • Articles on aspects of probate research and heir hunting
  • Constant updates of latest changes
  • Plus access to over 12,000 UNCLAIMED estates updated monthly via our exclusibe services at and
  • and more ............

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