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The Heir Hunters Association is committed to supporting aspiring, part time or full time Heir Hunters and our membership options reflect this.

Membership or a subscription is open to you regardless of location - UK, Europe, North America, Canada, Australia. New Zealand, South America, Africa or Asia since, although inheritance laws may differ across countries, regions, counties and states many principals stay the same.

The HHA are planning to run a unique initiative for people with disabilities to train and become Heir Hunters. For details click here

Benefits of a HHA subscription and/or membership include

         Access to over 11,000 unclaimed estates updated monthly. We also show new and resolved cases from previous months and provide the file in excel format for ease of sorting. A high proportion of these estates have been with the Treasury Solicitor for a number of years and therefore not subject to the fierce competition of new listings which enables you to work through cases in your own time (you have 12 years from the date of death).

         Access to every USA State Department who handle the distribution of unclaimed estates and monies, plus investigators handbook to help locate and submit claims.

         Details of how to submit a claim to the Treasury Solicitor

         Tools to assist you in starting your Heir Hunting business

A full list of benefits can be viewed by Clicking Here

HHA Members and subscribers can be;

         established Heir Hunters and probate researchers as individuals, partners or a limited company

         those aspiring to become a Heir Hunter, full or part time

         beneficiaries who have been approached by Heir Hunters and are unsure and concerned about how to proceed

         students who are studying probate issues, intestacy and "heir hunting"

         authors and the media who are writing about "heir hunting" in news media, books, magazines and producing radio and TV programs

         people who wish to trace family members who have been lost over time, perhaps as part of a family tree development

         general members of the public who have concerns over family estates which remain unresolved, or are in dispute.


Becoming a subscriber of the HHA is for new and fledgling Heir Hunters, members of the public or news media and is available on a 3 month ongoing basis. It is not for practicing probate and asset researchers (Heir Hunters) but essentially an educational stage in your plan to become a Heir Hunter Member. Applicants who are already committed and have some experience in research may wish to opt for a full membership at the onset.

         A 3 month Subscription costs 25.00 and renews automatically unless cancelled.

Member options

         12 month Member subscription at 55.00 GBP includes Member Logo for use on your company website, business cards, letterheads etc. The logo is renewed on an annual basis. 

      Professional Member option

Professional membership is for established Heir Hunters and is subject to qualifying conditions and approval by the Directors of the HHA. You cannot become a Professional member without being a normal annual member first.

Qualifying conditions for Professional Membership subject to necessary written proof are;

         Has been Member of the HHA for at least 3 months prior to application.

         Formation of a business, ltd or otherwise and have an established web presence.

         Have successfully completed a minimum of 3 cases with the Treasury Solicitor.

         Have acted personally, or appointed another person or firm to administer completed cases.

         Has applied for and been listed on the Members Directory here

         12 month Professional Membership subscription at 95 GBP includes a Professional Members logo and professional members certificate signed by the Directors - both items are renewed annually.

         12 month Professional Corporate Membership subscription at 250.00 GBP (for firms, partnerships or limited companies comprising of or employing 3 or more people engaged in probate research, or administration of deceased persons estates, including Solicitors and Insurance Companies.)

For more details of Professional Membership see this link

Why Join the HHA?

We often are asked by members of the public who have been approached by Heir Hunters to confirm any membership they may have with the HHA. Over 75% of enquires can receive a positive response and we copy the member our response to confirm the enquiry.

Enquiries from the public requesting a researcher to work on their behalf will be passed to a Professional Member of the HHA.

The HHA is working with a number of companies to obtain work on behalf of its Professional Members.

On-going help and support from experienced Heir Hunters.

There are no other extra costs, commissions or fees payable to HHA

To join and start using the extensive knowledge and advice services of the HHA, just click the link below to sign up.

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On receipt of your subscription payment we will issue you with a unique login ID and Password to enable personal access to the Members Only Area

For your convenience renewal is automatic, however you can cancel your subscription at anytime as there is no long term commitment.

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